Step By Step Instructions to Check Your Bsnl Broadband Usage

If you are you are a BSNL broadband customer, it is always good to regularly check your bsnl-broadband-checkbroadband account usage to know your usage pattern, which will help you to keep control on your internet downloads if you have subscribed a volume based plan from them. Keeping a regular check on your BSNL broadband usage will also helps you to ensure that nobody is abusing and making unauthorized use of your broadband account.

Here is a fully illustrated step by step guide to check your BSNL usage via the BSNL portal.

Step 1

First click this link to click this link or visit  is only for South Zone (Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu) customers


North Zone (Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), UP(East), Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir) customers visit

West Zone (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan ) customers visit

East Zone (Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East ) customers visit

Step 2

After visiting the website Click “User Registration (For Existing BSNL Customers)”









Step 3

Now take your BSNL telephone bill and note down your “customer id” which is provided on the right side of your bill







Step 4

Now complete the form by submitting your relevant details and click next





Step 5

After completing the registration process, login and click Services link on the (top left)









Step 6

Now you will see a list of “My Services” scroll down

And select “Check My Broadband Unbilled Usage Details”




Step 7

Select your phone number and select date range (current month)

Then click GO!

Step 8

Voila! Now you can see detailed usage details of your broadband!

Standard reporting is in MB (megabytes) in my case 26375 MB that is 26375/1024=25.75 gigabytes 

In the past we have used for check broadband usage but unfortunately it is not working now.

BSNL new website is more advanced and user friendly to its customers. I hope this article helped you! Thanks for reading.


light_bulb_iconInstalling ad blocking software / Pop Up & Ad Blocking Add Ons in your browser will help you to reduce the bsnl broadband usage.

43 Responses to Step By Step Instructions to Check Your Bsnl Broadband Usage

  1. Neeraj says:

    What a complicated way to get the basic usage detail? Way to go…

    • hari says:

      these steps are required for the first time login only later you feel very comfortable to know details,in this site many details and original bills you can find

  2. Muhammed Shafeel says:

    selfcare portal showing bad gateway.What to do?

  3. PANNAGA says:

    how to check daTA REMAINING

  4. vmdiwakaran says:

    Not a reliable method. Some times it works. Most of the times, it does not work. For me the broadband usage details are available in your portal only up to 13.4.2014, anytime you try. Really fed up.

  5. vmdiwakaran says:

    The customer id is a 10 digit number. After this I typed the password and clicked login. But, I get negative message and am asked to go back. Somehow, even after completing the form, the message “time over/lapsed” is got. As Neeraj says, what a complicated procedure is this? Let them give the password through our e-mail and simplify the procedure. I am really fed up.

  6. vinod gupta says:

    ghanta kuch bhi nahi khulta:::: bad gateway

  7. Praval says:

    Well, you forgot to say it takes a lousy sloth of a “BSNL Call Center Agent for Approval” to get your Registration Request processed before you can log in.

  8. jagatheesh says:

    hello i miss my password. i used forget my password option that time challenge question password also missing .so how to check my internet usage

  9. o p SINGH says:

    Pl evolve simple methods.

  10. Rohan says:

    bahi log…we have only BSNL connection in our area, (Sangali Dist) thats why I am using this, no other option for internet…and you know BSNL is worst service provider ..I am sure company is going to closed in few years..

  11. Thiyoup says:

    how to check remaining usage data?

  12. Afrith Noor says:

    I have lost my customer/unique id. how do I get the id….pls help its urgent…..

  13. ZIGMA ajith says:

    now the usage detail portal is not working

  14. Nagarajan says:

    Even though using it, it is really a painful way to do it.

  15. j.k.jahagirdar says:

    Broad band- internet service is not available most of the time in Taliegao-Donapula area of Goa State.

  16. Nilesh says:

    I forgot my user id can somebody tell me what i should write in that field?

  17. chandresh kumar sahu says:

    thanks a lot for your kind effort!

  18. kumar says:

    before this, i used airtel. i was such a simple way that with one click u can know all details.
    please simplify the process

  19. Senthil Kumar says:

    The information was very much helpful. Thanks for your help. Keep going. Try to put some advertisements in this page so you will get some revenue from the clicks. Bye. Take Care

  20. S. Sujith says:

    Thank you very much,
    It’s really helpfull

  21. jamess says:


  22. prashanth says:

    very useful info and simple instructions thank you

  23. Prasanna.N.A says:

    After registration and successful login, I do not see the option in step 6 – check unbilled usage. Is this service dis-continued.

  24. Vivek says:

    what about jharkhand region BSNL selfcare site, it is not opening from few day back

  25. Pillai says:

    Your present broadband usage portal is not working good. It is not showing correctly the total usage in my account.. there is a mistake in my total usage. please rectify it before huge bill is issued. Also please go back to your earlier portal for checking broadband usage which was more better. thanks..

  26. Nishant says:

    After going through the whole process of knowing my bsnl broadband internet usage, it seems so much complicated and dumb process that I can’t control my frustration with the BSNL Department. That’s where a difference between a private service provider and government department. They start official work at 11, and stop at 5 pm with 1 hour lunch break, effective work is just 4 hours. I keep trying their customer care no. 1500 and keep waiting for their tele caller executive to pick my phone and I have to wait for an average of 8 to 10 mins. and sometimes even after that the phone just cuts off. What is all this. There is no direct link available in main BSNL website Broadband section, why?

  27. Akash says:

    it was so helpful thanx

  28. Dr. Asif says:

    thank u so much…….really….

  29. gaurav says:

    how to know my wifi username and password provide by bsnl

  30. Shib Sankar Sinha says:

    BSNL is showing broadband usage as per their will to charge a heavy amount. They are simply stealing. I’m planning to leave BSNL broadband and to connect local private broadband services, customers of which are satisfied with their services. Nobody now-a-days is going to take new landline connections from BSNL, rather those who were having the same so long , leaving BSNL, that too due to non-transparency of such type of BSNL billing. Rightly, BSNL is going to wind up very shortly.

  31. srinivasu says:

    does this website work on sundayss
    it is saying wrong password… even though i’m clicking the right password….

  32. rohit bhatnagar says:

    whatbsnl people are doing they better know themself .Problem with me is that i have done all the steps correctly and when i log in with my registered id and password it is strange to see it opens account of some other guy in maharasthra and intresting part is that his cust id1009985472 and mine is same.that is why instead of opening my account it automically opens his account.pls rectify this problem as soon as possible.As iam having your connection in rajasthan kota my landline no is 07442405782

  33. Vaidyanathan says:

    Request BSNL to simplify this process. After all usage should be an option related to the bill payment portal. Kindly consider and implement this request. Thanks

  34. Ram says:

    Hello long before I had registered in this .. But now I forgot both userid and password. Now I tried registering again and when the next button , at the first step pressed message shows :”either invalid customer id or email or userid exist”. Tried many user ids still the same message shows. The email I entered is also correct. Any solution?? any one else with the same prob?

  35. gokul says:

    not able to register in bsnl user registration form getting different erros like, customer id invalid, Broadband User ID is Invalid or You do not have Active Broadband in Your Service. to get out from these errors..?

  36. Monty Doctor says:

    The usage shown is 2 days old

  37. r gopal says:

    Checking usage in MTNL is very easy. Click check usage, enter Tel No & click on continue and enter Password which is your CA No in Tel Bill. That’s all. Speed Test also very simple

  38. rajes says:

    i am using bsnl broadband bal is finished every 05 day.i need your help

  39. Prakash K says:

    But we will get the usage data until 2 day back only. Never get upto date details.

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