Step By Step Instructions to Check Your Bsnl Broadband Usage

If you are you are a BSNL broadband customer, it is always good to regularly check your bsnl-broadband-checkbroadband account usage to know your usage pattern, which will help you to keep control on your internet downloads if you have subscribed a volume based plan from them. Keeping a regular check on your BSNL broadband usage will also helps you to ensure that nobody is abusing and making unauthorized use of your broadband account.

Here is a fully illustrated step by step guide to check your BSNL usage via the BSNL portal.

Step 1

First click this link to click this link or visit  is only for South Zone (Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu) customers


North Zone (Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), UP(East), Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir) customers visit

West Zone (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan ) customers visit

East Zone (Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East ) customers visit

Step 2

After visiting the website Click “User Registration (For Existing BSNL Customers)”









Step 3

Now take your BSNL telephone bill and note down your “customer id” which is provided on the right side of your bill







Step 4

Now complete the form by submitting your relevant details and click next





Step 5

After completing the registration process, login and click Services link on the (top left)









Step 6

Now you will see a list of “My Services” scroll down

And select “Check My Broadband Unbilled Usage Details”




Step 7

Select your phone number and select date range (current month)

Then click GO!

Step 8

Voila! Now you can see detailed usage details of your broadband!

Standard reporting is in MB (megabytes) in my case 26375 MB that is 26375/1024=25.75 gigabytes 

In the past we have used for check broadband usage but unfortunately it is not working now.

BSNL new website is more advanced and user friendly to its customers. I hope this article helped you! Thanks for reading.


light_bulb_iconInstalling ad blocking software / Pop Up & Ad Blocking Add Ons in your browser will help you to reduce the bsnl broadband usage.

18 Responses to Step By Step Instructions to Check Your Bsnl Broadband Usage

  1. Neeraj says:

    What a complicated way to get the basic usage detail? Way to go…

  2. Muhammed Shafeel says:

    selfcare portal showing bad gateway.What to do?

  3. PANNAGA says:

    how to check daTA REMAINING

  4. vmdiwakaran says:

    Not a reliable method. Some times it works. Most of the times, it does not work. For me the broadband usage details are available in your portal only up to 13.4.2014, anytime you try. Really fed up.

  5. vmdiwakaran says:

    The customer id is a 10 digit number. After this I typed the password and clicked login. But, I get negative message and am asked to go back. Somehow, even after completing the form, the message “time over/lapsed” is got. As Neeraj says, what a complicated procedure is this? Let them give the password through our e-mail and simplify the procedure. I am really fed up.

  6. vinod gupta says:

    ghanta kuch bhi nahi khulta:::: bad gateway

  7. Praval says:

    Well, you forgot to say it takes a lousy sloth of a “BSNL Call Center Agent for Approval” to get your Registration Request processed before you can log in.

  8. jagatheesh says:

    hello i miss my password. i used forget my password option that time challenge question password also missing .so how to check my internet usage

  9. o p SINGH says:

    Pl evolve simple methods.

  10. Rohan says:

    bahi log…we have only BSNL connection in our area, (Sangali Dist) thats why I am using this, no other option for internet…and you know BSNL is worst service provider ..I am sure company is going to closed in few years..

  11. Thiyoup says:

    how to check remaining usage data?

  12. Afrith Noor says:

    I have lost my customer/unique id. how do I get the id….pls help its urgent…..

  13. ZIGMA ajith says:

    now the usage detail portal is not working

  14. Nagarajan says:

    Even though using it, it is really a painful way to do it.

  15. j.k.jahagirdar says:

    Broad band- internet service is not available most of the time in Taliegao-Donapula area of Goa State.

  16. Nilesh says:

    I forgot my user id can somebody tell me what i should write in that field?

  17. chandresh kumar sahu says:

    thanks a lot for your kind effort!

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